Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Tech Innovations at the 2014 World Cup

World Cup Tech Innovations - InventHelp Blog
Outside of the Olympics, the World Cup is the biggest sporting event held globally. The final of the Brazil World Cup 2014 will be watched by at least 1 billion people, and the US has really been paying attention to the action this year with the match between the USA and Ghana being watched by up to 11 million ESPN viewers, a record for the channel. With so much viewership, this is the perfect spot to promote innovation and new product designs. Here are a few you should keep a look out for this year.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Tesla & the Innovation of Alternative Fuel Automobiles

My Kindergarten-age child is learning at school about energy use and the environment. She is quite concerned about our use of the car that drives her to and from school, and trips to the gas pump are met with troubled stares. “I wish there was a better way to drive,” she told me last week. “I think we are going to ruin the earth.”

My daughter is not alone in her concern. Overuse of fossil fuels and its resulting pollution scare a lot of people, no matter on what side of the political fence you stand. One solution proposed to allow us to maintain our car-dependent lifestyles while stabilizing the climate is the use of vehicles not completely dependent on gasoline. After years of false starts that forced consumers to fit their needs to the alternative-fuel car, Tesla Motors has developed vehicles that finally allow the dog to wag the tail. Tesla wants to change the world, and they just may be able to do it.