Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Best and The Worst: Super Bowl 2014 Product Commercials

by Mary Faller

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched broadcasts in television and one of the main reasons, aside from the big game, is for the commercials. Businesses spend about $4 million on a 30-second spot. If they succeed in their marketing strategy, that particular commercial could be the buzz of the Internet and indeed the world. If they do not, their brand name could suffer negative buzz. We are always on the lookout for the best in innovative product marketing and advertising, so we made a list of what we thought were the best and worst of Super Bowl XLVIII.

First, let’s take a look at the best commercials:

  1. Budweiser “Puppy Love” Budweiser has been a major contributor to the commercials of past Super Bowls and with each passing year, the commercials evolve and improve. This commercial was memorable because it struck a heart chord with the adorable puppy that didn’t want to leave his best friend (the Clydesdale horse). The Clydesdale horses are a signature icon and this commercial brought heart to the major company.

  2. Beats Music “Goldilocks – Ellen” By using a well-known icon like Ellen, Beats Music targeted a major group of potential consumers. Ellen has become extremely successful with her talk show and if you've ever watched it, you'd know the girl likes to dance! Add that to the many musical options of Beats Music and you have the perfect equation for a successful commercial. It has appropriate product placement with the perfect amount of humor and facts.

  3. Radio Shack “Phone Call” From the start of this commercial the company name is prominent making no mistake about who the commercial is advertising. Following that, Radio Shack owned the fact that their store needed improvements by saying, “the 80s called, they want their store back.” With major 80s icons like Hulk Hogan, Mary Lou Retton, and the California Raisins, Radio Shack nailed the marketing in this commercial.

  4. Heinz “Hum” The Heinz bottle is in itself a marketing tool. By adding their product as a major prop in the commercial, there was no guessing as to what the commercial was trying to advertise. The grandmother “fart” added a memorable and humorous blip that will probably keep consumers talking.

  5. Microsoft “Innovative Technology” Like their company, Microsoft nailed it. Innovative technology is driving our world and how we complete everyday tasks. Microsoft has improved people’s quality of life, enhanced medical procedures, and allowed a father to communicate via technology. This commercial was heartfelt and truthful and really reflected what Microsoft has offered to the world. 

And now for the worst commercials:

  1. Maserati – “Strike” This commercial was probably meant to “strike” a fire in the target audience, but the commercial is narrated by a 10-year-old who can’t even drive, talking about a vehicle that most of the viewers cannot afford. This commercial was just confusing and didn't make much sense.

  2. Audi – “Doberhuahua” Although this commercial was pretty funny, from a marketing standpoint the only thing memorable about the commercial was the dog hybrid. The point of the commercial was supposed to sell an Audi car, but the name Audi doesn’t come up until the end of the humorous commercial at which point the audience would only remember Sarah McLaughlin getting into it with this creepy looking cartoon-like dog. 

  3. Chobani – “Yogurt Bear” Chaos ensues in a small town, the audience wonders what or whom could be making these folks so worried. It’s a bear, searching for yogurt. This commercial tried too hard and missed the mark. A yogurt commercial may not really have a place in the Super Bowl broadcast.

    However, if you play into the dirty minds of men and women everywhere like Dannon Oikos Yogurt did in their commercial with John Stamos, you may have a winner. Wait for it.. the yogurt drops onto John Stamos’ lap… NAILED IT! Did we mention there was a "Full House" reunion in here?

  4. Bank of America in support of RED “U2 Invisible” This commercial looked more like a music video or self-promotion for the band U2, when in fact the purchase of their song was going to benefit the RED foundation. However, Bank of America was not a major part of the commercial and instead the audience wasn’t sure if U2 was promoting a tour or simply trying to get in on the half time action. 

  5. Chevy “Romance” This commercial was more about mating cattle than it was about a truck. It should also be noted that this was not the first broadcast of this commercial. It was aired prior to the Super Bowl and was a flop then as well. 

    Super Bowl commercials have benefited businesses and major corporations for years, and the cost of such air time ends up being worth while for most. This year, however it seemed the commercials were very vanilla compared to previous years. There wasn't a lot of buzz on social networking sites about the taboo, inventive, or hilarious commercials of Super Bowl XLVII, in fact most of the reaction from fellow viewers seemed to be a unanimous “unimpressed”. Commercials are major marketing tools and can set the mood for a brand name. This year, few brands succeeded and many failed.

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  1. I am not much of a fan of Super Bowl commercials, because they tend to not be worth the time. I like the commercials that are pure comedy gold, fun and entertaining. The ones that are of cars of beer don't really appeal to me at all. The good list I like though, but the Budweiser commercial not so much. But that's me.